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MTSA, CFATS, and PREP Compliance

Ailtek Response Solutions has extensive experience in preparing new and renewal plans, as well as conducting audits, training and exercises. Our qualified inspectors on-staff work with inland, inter-coastal, and offshore operators to develop operator-specific solutions for compliance.

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Welcome to the Alitek Response Solutions Practice

Do you have a plan to protect your shareholders and your brand in the event of a major incident? Do you have a team trained to manage any incident that may arise? Is your company fully compliant with all relevant regulations? Is your incident software ready to run at a moment’s notice?

Alitek’s Response Solutions practice is dedicated to helping our clients protect their organizational assets while reducing the impact on business operations, brand image and shareholder value caused by an unforeseen incident or regulatory issue.

Our team incorporates our vast experience to examine threats and work with our clients to mitigate those risks through professional response and proper Planning, Training, Exercises, Auditing and Regulatory Compliance.

Alitek’s Response Solutions leadership team serves on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) technical writing committee.  They are also voting board members on both the Z246.1 (security) and Z246.2 (emergency management) committees.

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The Gartner Group recently named PrepareRespondTM powered by Alitek, “The most comprehensive example of an integrated C/IM solution.”

Response Services

After experiencing a major disaster or business impacting event, many businesses never entirely recover – losing orders, contracts, key employees or they may go out of business resulting in lost jobs and services to the community. Alitek’s team of response professionals is dedicated to helping clients to protect assets, while reducing the impact on business operations, brand image and shareholder value during the course of an event. Our team has the experience to examine each situation and work with the client to mount a professional response.

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Guard Services

Alitek offers highly-experienced Guard Services and Executive Protection Details.

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Risk Mitigation

You are the expert in what you do. You understand your products, people and threats better than anyone. Have you taken all of the steps necessary to mitigate risks and protect your company’s employees, brand and shareholder value? Alitek has a team of risk mitigation experts that can help you prepare for the expected or the unexpected.

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Regulatory Compliance

Is your organization in compliance with current regulations? Alitek can work with your organization to develop new plans and policies or audit existing ones. We can also train your team for incidents, manage the regulatory process and facilitate exercises and drills. Our experts can even act as your company’s representative throughout an audit. And our regulatory monitoring services ensure that your organization remains aware of upcoming regulatory changes and avoids costly fines for non-compliance. We have years of experience with ICS/IMT Consulting; Regulatory and Internal Policy Audits; and, Exercises and Training for NPREP and MTSA/ISPS.

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