Experience Matters

Our team averages 15 years experience working in industry or government sectors, and each member of our leadership team has held IT or risk mitigation leadership positions for Fortune 1000 and global companies. Whether addressing information management issues, risk mitigation or incident response, our teams’ collective experience allows them to quickly understand each client’s challenges and assess how their existing tools and processes can be utilized or updated in order to solve their business or regulatory problems.

Owners Make Better Employees and Consultants

From day one, Alitek has believed in sharing the company rewards with our employees. As a result, all of our employees share in the company profits and even an equity pool. At Alitek we place high value on our employee’s input which in turn helps drive the overall direction that we choose to take as a company. We believe that when all of the people in a company have a direct and tangible stake in how the company performs, they embrace a common goal and work with minimal direction from the company leaders allowing for improved efficiency and higher quality solutions. 

Virtual Workplace

When we formed Alitek, we made a decision not to invest our money in an expensive office designed to impress. Rather, our priority was investing in the best people to serve our clients. Our employees enjoy flexibility and life balance instead of cubicles and our clients benefit from their focus, experience and commitment to doing good work.

Faith Based Company

Faith and business can coexist. Alitek believes that they are inseparable. We have and will continue to run our business, interact with our clients, and work as a team based on the guidance and direction from our faith.